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Scuba DivingCertification inTampa, FL

Safety through Education

Scuba diving is bestenjoyed whilefollowing the proper safety and health practices. At Scuba Haven inTampa, FL, we providescuba diving certification courses foreveryone 10 years ofageand up.
Whether you're planning to takeasingletrip to explorethe beautiful ocean floor or would liketo prepare yourselfforalong-termscuba diving hobby,certification isasmartchoice. Afteras littleas two weeks with our instructors, you'll beableto safely and comfortably scuba dive anywhere.

Expert Mentors

Theclasses we offerat Scuba Haven arealltaught by certified NationalAssociation ofUnderwater Instructors (NAUI)experts. Our skilled professionals willteach you howto navigate both the ocean floorand your scuba gear.
The minimumagerequirement to start taking ascuba diving class is 10 years old, but thereis no maximum. So long as you arein good health, you can learn to scuba diveatany age. Ourclassesare great for learners ofany age.


At Scuba Haven in Tampa, FL, our certified NAUI instructors have more than 45 years of training. We offer:
Depending on your plans, some orall oftheseclasses may bean ideal placeto start your underwater journey
Weregularly offereach oftheseclassesatconvenient times. To learnmoreabout ourcurrentclassesand teaching schedules, pleasecall or visit us.

Accommodating Schedules

The best way to enjoy the beautiful waters around Tampa, FL, is to obtain scuba diving certification from Scuba Haven. Call 813-972-4455 today to schedule your enrollment. You can also contact us by filling out this form. Our prices are affordable and well worth the time.
Our number one priority is to teach our students howto beststay safeand enjoy scuba diving. Scuba diving can sometimes seemintimidating. If you take ourclasses, however, we promisethat youwill be prepared for whatever scuba diving adventure you hopeto embark on.
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